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Alphonse Mucha F. Champenois, 1898 Canvas Tote Bag with Zip

Alphonse Mucha F. Champenois, 1898 Canvas Tote Bag with Zip

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Alphonse Mucha Art-Nouveau Artist "F. Champenois, 1898" Aesthetic Canvas Tote Bag with Zip and Inner Pocket

About the Art:

promotional piece for the Parisian printer F. Champenois. This artwork exemplifies Mucha's distinctive Art Nouveau style, characterized by its intricate detail, flowing lines, and harmonious composition. Much of Mucha's work, including "F. Champenois," features symbolic elements that reflect the themes of beauty, nature, and the feminine ideal. The abundance of floral motifs and organic forms suggests a connection to nature, a common theme in Art Nouveau. The female figure represents not only physical beauty but also a sense of tranquility and ethereal charm. Mucha's technique involves a combination of lithography and hand-finishing, allowing for the production of high-quality prints with vivid colors and fine details. 

"F. Champenois" is a prime example of Mucha's ability to elevate commercial art to the level of fine art. His work for clients like F. Champenois helped popularize Art Nouveau and left a lasting impact on graphic design and advertising. The elegance and sophistication of Mucha's posters continue to influence artists and designers, cementing his legacy as a pioneer of modern art.

About the bag:

Dimensions: 36cm x 36cm x 10cm

Thick & durable, environmentally friendly synthetic cotton canvas material. Thick sturdy straps with a wide base to ensure it can carry all the daily essentials. Inner pocket for your small valuables, as well as zip closure for your bag so your things will be secure. Be it for school, shopping or a day out at the beach, our totes have got you covered.

Material: organic/bio cotton - synthetically grown cotton to reduce our carbon footprint on the environment, canvas

Design: artwork printed on one side & both panels of the tote bag.

*Disclaimer: dimensions & colours may vary slightly*

Aftercare: DO NOT machine wash. To clean, take a damp towel and wipe the bag down. Ensure dry before storage.

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Katharina Jast


Emerald Johns

Not the first time I bought it, super

Onie Hyatt

very good little bag, lovely picture

Micheal Kunze

very good bag, lovely picture