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Pink Floral Dream Tote Bag with Zip

Pink Floral Dream Tote Bag with Zip

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Pink Floral Dream Watercolour Aesthetic Canvas Art Tote Bag with Zip & Inner Pocket 

About the Art:

Pink Flower Dream is an original art piece designed by Andcici themself. This watercolour art piece is unique to the other designs in this collection as it has a milder & softer approach when it comes to the brush strokes. The art piece has a light, fluffy, dreamy vibe to it thanks to the watercolour medium used. This can be seen all around the tote bag. The pastel pinks and pastel greens compliment each other to make the art easy on the eyes.

About the bag:


Large: 37cm x 32cm x 10cm

Small: 29cm x 23cm x 8cm

Thick & durable, environmentally friendly synthetic cotton canvas material. Thick sturdy straps with a wide base to ensure it can carry all the daily essentials. Inner pocket for your small valuables, as well as zip closure for your bag so your things will be secure. Be it for school, shopping or a day out at the beach, our totes have got you covered.

Material: organic/bio cotton - synthetically grown cotton to reduce our carbon footprint on the environment, canvas

Design: artwork printed on one side & both panels of the tote bag.

*Disclaimer: dimensions & colours may vary slightly*

Aftercare: DO NOT machine wash. To clean, take a damp towel and wipe the bag down. Ensure dry before storage.

Purchases will take about 2-3 weeks to arrive. Please refer to our shipping policy for a more accurate estimation.

Exchange & refunds are allowed within 7 days of purchase with mailing cost at the expense of the customer.
Cancellations are allowed within 24 hours of placing the order. Please refer to our refund/return policy for a more information

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Hunter Leannon

Very beautiful, original bag. Recommend

Green Muller

Durable, very positive, I go with it with pleasure :)

Marques Herzog

Pretty :)

Brandy Graham

Perfect bag, artistic. Delivered in 12 days

Johnathan Schaefer

Thank you! Very cute ~